The Zookeeper’s Wife

“I was really on the fence about seeing this. It hit during a very busy week for me, and I wasn’t sure how much I really needed to see yet another WWII story. It’s funny though, as concerned as I was about seeing something that’s been done before, it’s also so inspiring to hear more stories surfaced of compassion and determination during such a bleak time in our history.

The Zookeeper’s Wife stars Jessica Chastain as a woman who runs the Warsaw zoo with her husband (Johan Heldenbergh, who I was really drawn to). During WWII, the zoo is occupied by German soldiers, but the family decides to hide in plain sight and use their land and resources to harbor Jews that are snuck out of the ghetto. The story was very beautiful and heartbreaking.

Part of that beauty and heartbreak hit me even harder as an animal lover. I’m torn between warning kindred spirits against seeing it and directing them towards it. There are some difficult scenes to watch, but others that are so sweet, seeing animals that are truly loved that show that same love in return.

I certainly walked out of there, feeling the better for having seen it. And it instilled a sense of hope in humanity in me that I hadn’t felt in a while. Lord knows that’s something we desperately need right now.

The Zookeeper’s Wife – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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