Ghost in the Shell

“First off, I haven’t seen the original anime. Therefore, I can’t speak to how one compares to the other. Likewise, that also means the story was very new to me. I’m kind of the ideal audience for this sort of thing. I generally don’t care for anime, and while I may have eventually gotten around to watching the original, it’s unlikely to have happened any time soon. But give me a live action alternative and I’m all over it.

I know that then brings us to the whitewashing argument, and honestly, I don’t really wanna get into it. Yes, I do think it was a missed opportunity for diversity in casting, but we’re also overshadowing the fact that we’ve got a formidable female lead. That right there is a big deal.

I very much enjoyed this movie. Again, ideal audience. One thing I realized while watching is that something I love about scifi is the opportunity for creativity, especially when it comes to the visuals. On that front, the movie looked absolutely gorgeous. There were some really cool and creative effects that made it worthwhile for me.

And I was very much interested in the story. Again, it was new to me. I am just intrigued enough to put the anime back on my radar, but I’m still skeptical that I’d enjoy it as much as the live action. This is just more my cup of genetically enhanced techno-tea.

Whether or not Scarlett Johanssen should have been cast, I thought she was terrific. I also enjoyed seeing Michael Pitt, who hasn’t been too visible these days.

Yeah, so for sure worth it for me at least. I get that not everybody is on board, and that is okay.

Ghost in the Shell – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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