Power Rangers

“Wait, what? There’s a major trend of the 90’s that I’m not into? ‘Tis true, folks. I never jumped on the Power Rangers bandwagon. I think a big part was that I just assumed the parents wouldn’t allow it. Martial arts was one of the more predictable No’s. It wasn’t the violence, but the spiritual roots, or something. IDK. But yeah, even though they were everywhere, I just never really bothered. So I really don’t know why I decided to bother with the new movie. Curosity more than anything else. And my shiny new MoviePass account meant I had nothing to lose except a couple hours.

My short response to the movie is “”eh””. I think for a lot of it, you either need to have been into Power Rangers when you were under the age of 12 or you need to currently be under the age of 12. When I of all people have a hard time getting into the cheese of it all, then no one outside the designated fanbase stands any remote chance.

The one thing that I did fully appreciate was the diversity and complexity of our rangers. They weren’t just a group of perfect yet bland kids. You had kids of different races and kids with different issues. I particularly can’t get over how awesome it is that there was a power ranger on the spectrum. Just think about that. A power ranger on the spectrum. How many kids on the spectrum ever see themselves represented on screen? And now one of them is a freaking power ranger! Not only that, he was totally my favorite out of the five. Nerd kids for the win!

And speaking of diveristy, female villain! That’s not something you see often, especially not in this genre. It wasn’t until I saw an article making a big deal about Cate Blanchett’s role in the upcoming Thor that I realized that it is true that no MCU baddie has been a woman thus far. Therefore seeing Elizabeth Banks kicking ass and chewing scenery as the big bad is a big step, and one that makes me wish I enjoyed the movie more so that I could fully celebrate and appreciate it.

Power Rangers – \m/ \m/ \n”

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