“How is it that even though there’s so many of these distressed-in-space movies that come out with such frequency, we (I) eat them up every time? It’s not like we don’t know what’s gonna happen. Something goes wrong. People start dying. No one can hear you scream, or something. There’ve been instances where I’ve predicted every beat (I’m looking at you Sunshine), yet I still find reason to keep coming back (still looking at you Sunshine, love and kisses!).

For the most part, predictability wasn’t a problem for Life. Okay maybe some of it I saw coming, just from the nature of the formula for these movies. But there were a lot of creative solutions to common pitfalls. And there were a couple of twists I legit did not see coming. I have one comment I really wanna make on the subject, but I really don’t wanna give anything away. Let’s just say I walked out of there shocked and impressed.

The other major strength was the suspense. Very effective. The cast was another great strength. Jake Gyllenhall, Rebecca Ferguson, Ryan Reynolds and all his snark.

Oh and special award for the best ever use of “”Goodnight Moon””. Even in the trailer, I cannot say how much I loved using that to cast an ominous tone over the whole thing. Just an example I can actually point to that shows some of the creativity of the writers. And I just found out that they also wrote Deadpool and Zombieland, so their genius can never again be subject to question.

Life – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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