ExpDel Top 100 – 2017 Revision Part 2

“As you recall, I was talking thru my updated Top 100. Let’s do this thing

50-South Park: Bigger, Longer, & Uncut 39
Whodda thunk that our favorite foul mouth animated mountain kids would spawn a movie musical that has held up for nearly 20 years? Maybe the same people that woulda thunk that movie would lead to an Academy Award nomination for Best Song. I can still crack up at this movie after all these years and however many times the songs have come up on my iPod. Personally, I blame Canada.

49-Goodburger Return
My nostalgia knows no bounds, and Goodburger is a total embodiment of my love of the 90s. The 2:00 AM rule still holds true for this movie. Watch it too early, and it’s dumb. Watch it too late, and you’re too loopy. Hit that sweet spot, and it’s the funniest thing you’ll ever see. At least it is if you’re a child of the 90s.

48-The Fast and the Furious (franchise) 27
This is the rare franchise that has actually improved with every installment. Most drop off sharply once they hit 4 or 5, whereas that’s when Fast just hit its groove. Hmm, if you made me, 7 > 6 > 4 > 5 > 1 > 3 > 2. Yeah seven got me really emotional saying goodbye to Paul Walker, but it also stepped up the action so much (the car flying between buildings?!). I also don’t think I’ve ever been as giddy for a future movie as I got when I saw the end of 6 tease the addition of Jason Statham. I’m still amped up.

47-The Little Mermaid -21
Yup, still a Disney kid. Maybe I don’t wish I was a mermaid as much as I did when I was three, but ya gotta respect a princess who is strong-willed and ambitious about being more than just a princess.

46-Snatch -15
So apparently, this is a TV series now? Not sure how that will work, but this movie will forever be a classic to me. I know, I know, so many of my entries have touted clever/brilliant/smart dialog, and this is likely to be yet another one. What can I say? I know what I like in a movie, and this one is very much it.

45-Planet Terror -8
It’s a shame the Grindhouse thing didn’t take off, because I would have totally eaten up more movies like this one. Hmm maybe “”eaten up”” isn’t the best choice of phrase when talking about a zombie movie. It’s true though, I loved how absolutely bonkers this movie was, and it could have launched a whole new subgenre of B movie.

44-Toy Story 3 -5
Still the only movie I will ever admit made me cry, and it happened on multiple viewings. This is simply Pixar magic at its best. So. Many. Feels.

43-Terminator 2: Judgement Day 45
My one definitive answer to a sequel that’s better than its predecessor. T1 was good, but T2 is mind blowing. I much prefer Ahnold as a good guy, and Sarah Connor is one of the most badass and iconic strong female film characters of all time. It’s the perfect popcorn movie, and few blockbusters have been able to match it.

42-Memento 21
Brilliant. A concept that can never (or at least should never) be replicated. Originality goes a really long way with me, and there is nothing else like this movie. It’s still haunting.

41-Mrs Doubtfire Return
Remember when family movies were enjoyable for the whole family? They don’t make ’em like they used to, and there ain’t ever gonna be anybody like Robin Williams. That man’s talent knew no bounds, and this was one of his best showcases.

40-Frailty -15
Aww Bill Paxton. His directorial debut is still my go to every Halloween (assuming I think to watch something). It’s such a disturbing and dark film (like we know I like ’em) and it just sucks me in every time. It also has yet to be dethroned as the best movie I ever impulsively bought from a bargain bin.

39-Death to Smoochy -6
When I hear the term “”dark comedy””, Smoochy is the first example that comes to mind. Who even thinks of this stuff? It’s such a messed up concept, and that shock is exactly what draws me in. And it’s brilliantly funny, in a does-it-make-me-a-bad-person-if-I-laugh-at-this sort of way, and you don’t care how offensive it may potentially be because it’s still just that funny and clever.

38-Whiplash New!
I don’t think any movie gives me a bigger rush of adrenaline, and it’s not even an action movie (at least not in the traditional sense). The acting is masterful, the music is energizing, the plot is incendiary, and I even learned some about editing and other technical aspects of film. Just, wow.

37-Clueless 6
Think there’s a more quotably classic 90’s comedy than this? As if!

36-Almost Famous -25
I just find this movie to be so beautiful and moving. I dare you not to get emotional during the “”Tiny Dancer”” scene. Kate Hudson has never been better, nor has much of the rest of the exquisite cast. And I love a story where your socially abnormal teenager finds acceptance with an unexpected crowd.

35-Cabin in the Woods -6
I can’t stress enough how brilliant this movie is. It’s not a straight up genre mashup, but the tongue in cheek humor is certainly what elevates it above all the other horror films in this genre it pays homage to. Sometimes, the answer isn’t to tweak the tried and true formula, but instead to play into it fully. Also, cast. Yes.

34-A Clockwork Orange 15
There are few movies darker than this (and they’re likely higher up on my list), and we all know that I love a film that’s truly disturbing. The book is even more intense, and if you can get thru the language, it’s absolutely worth it. Who says I don’t appreciate classic cinema?

33-Father of the Bride -1
This was one of the few movies that me and both parents could agree on. Obvs getting me to agree with my Daddy was easy. Mom? Not so much. I feel like whenever I do get married, much of that process is going to have been informed by this film. Namely, keep it simple, and leave Franck out of it.

32-Kill Bill -9
I’ve explained it before, but if you could this as two movies, then Vol 1 is likely my fave Tarantino. However, I believe it’s more correct to think of it as one, in which case Vol 2 brings it down for me. I’m just all about the action from the former, and less about the revenge of the later. Still, both halves are pretty freakin’ great.

31-Home Alone 10
I don’t even think of this as a Christmas movie because the whole thing is fantastic year round. A couple years ago, I showed it at a movie night at the old job. Co-worker brought his 5-year-old who laughed hysterically throughout. Those are the moments that make life worth living.

30-Boondock Saints -17
Aw I miss Boston, and this movie capture’s the city’s energy so well. The mix of DGAF and loyal to the nth degree. Even if the rest of the world forgets about this movie, it’ll always live on the banks of the river Charles.

29-Battle Royale 19
Still completely enthralled with the concept and the raw violence of this movie. It’s not one you get over easily, and every subsequent rip-off just makes me that much more enamored with this original.

28-Interview With the Vampire -14
It might not hold up too well, and there may have been a plethora of vampire movies in the past 20+ years, and some of them may have been better than this. However, this is still the movie that gave us Lestat (well after Anne Rice wrote him) and for that, this movie will linger on. Remember, at the time, it was rather revolutionary to get a story from the vamps’ perspective instead of just seeing them as the blood lusting villains.

27-Drop Dead Gorgeous 20
All the times so far that I’ve praised clever dialog in a movie, ain’t got nothing on this one. I have never played this film for an unsuspecting audience friend and not gotten hysterical laughter from them every five minutes. It’s just bizarre enough to be brilliant.

26-Requiem For a Dream -9
Am I still the only person you know who has willingly seen this movie multiple times? And would put it on again in a heartbeat? Yeah, I thought so.

25-Mean Girls 13
Not only is this one of the funniest movies of the new millennium, it’s also one of the most important. It so accurately captures the frenemy relationship between most high school girls, and highlights how dangerous that can be. And did I mention it’s really really funny?

24-Magnolia -4
I still say that no other interconnected story ensemble movie has done it as well as Magnolia. Each story could hold its own movie, and the intricate connections between them all are so beautiful. The whole thing is perfectly cast as well. Some of these stars have never shone brighter.

23-Reservoir Dogs -4
I still say Tarantino’s first was unequivocally his best. It’s so raw and gritty and intense and iconic. You see so many of what are now his signature elements start here and propagate throughout his career, but that first spark of madness was the brightest.

22-Psycho 22
I think for me, it isn’t so much that I love the film as a whole as it is that I love Norman Bates. Nice Guy Serial Killer, not a concept we encounter too frequently, and certainly never as effective as here. Of course, Hitchcock is the master of horror, and his accomplishments with this film are outstanding. Still for me, it’s all about Norman.

21-The Martian New!
I’ve talked about movies that are perfectly “”me””, but this is more one that is perfect FOR me. Every element of it is perfection, and I love how much this film warrants nerd-ing out. Can I give it any more of an endorsement?

20-The Godfather 61
There are those that argue this is the best movie ever made. I don’t know exactly what I’d pick, but I would never argue against this one. On all fronts, it really is among (if not absolutely) the best. You can’t not be completely absorbed in this film whenever you watch it.

19-The Goonies 81
I don’t know what I was thinking dropping this so far down the list last time. The first time I watched this movie is still one of my happiest memories ever, and to do this day even thinking about it gives me warm fuzzies. I proudly gave a copy of this to my little cousins last Christmas, and I really hope they can appreciate it the way that I do.

18-Die Hard -3
Still the greatest action movie, and not even because the action is that great. It’s all about the attitude. John McClane is the OG DGAF hero, and he should be on everyone’s Christmas list. Yippie Ki Yay!

17-Ferris Bueller’s Day Off 60
I took my Mom to see this at Fenway Park and she actually enjoyed it. That should tell you something about this movie right there. My day in Chicago a couple years ago recreating favorite scenes from the film with the BFFF was one of my best days ever. I’m totally a Cameron, and I’m okay with that.

16-Elf 5
I could never have anticipated how much this film would have permeated into my life. It seems like I’m always finding an appropriate opportunity to reference it. It’s so sweet and sincere and perfectly gets me into the Christmas spirit every year.

15-Harry Potter 20
Oh God, I’m not even gonna try and rank them all, but It’d start with 4 > 3. This franchise (books included, obvs) has meant more and more to me in recent years, I guess since rereading them before my first trip to the Wizarding World. There’s always a new layer to discover, and they’re just so poignant yet fun. Magical doesn’t even begin to cover it.

14-Serenity -4
Hard to believe that a short lived cancelled TV series spawned such beloved characters, but my coat will be brown till I die. Star Wars vs Star Trek? Bitch please. I aim to misbehave. Always and forever.

13-Forrest Gump 5
Servers at Bubba Gump hate me because I’m not match for their trivia questions. It’s not my fault I watched this movie non-stop for about a year. Nor is it my fault that seafood is my favorite, and the fact that there’s a seafood chain based on a top 20 favorite movie means that I visit frequently, esp now that I actually live near a couple.

12-Lord of the Rings 4
My favorite book, so of course among my favorite movies. I may not leave the extended editions constantly running in the background like I did back in college, but now it’s like a new discovery every time I do rewatch them. Comforting like visiting an old friend, one that’s still always full of surprises.

11-Muppet Christmas Carol 1
Oh the feels. The warm and fuzzy feels. It’s a story that’s been done a million times in a million formats, but nothing tops Muppets. Not only is it the best Christmas Carol, it’s also the best Muppets. And it’s no wonder that Rizzo’s my fave Muppet after his performance here. No, I’m not still bitter that he was mostly cut out of the reboots, idk what you’re talking about. No, I didn’t confront Jason Segel about it at his book signing… (okay maybe I did)

10-Clerks -3
Kevin Smith’s masterwork. He’s had some incredible movies since (although most of them were in the 90s) but none have ever topped the sharp and insightful and very much relatable screenplay he wrote here. Anyone who has ever worked in any kind of customer service role knows that feel bro, all too well.

9-21 Jump Street 18
I am declaring this the best movie night movie of all time. I’ve shown it at several different movie nights and it’s always a hit. And I laugh hysterically every dang time, no matter how well I already know it. Brilliantly self-aware, carefree, and inventful. The sequel may not have been quite as awesome as the first, but it’s not too far off either.

8-Heathers 0
You can tell a lot about a person if they describe Mean Girls as Heathers without a body count, or describe Heathers as Mean Girls with a body count. I’m generally the former, although based on context, I could use either. This original way of dealing with one’s teen angst bullshit makes for one of the most cathartic high school movies around. Big fun!

7-Zombieland 2
Runner up for best movie night movie ever, and one of the best ever examples of a genius genre mashup. This one nails the balance between horror and comedy, making it one of the absolute greatest movies of all time according to me.

6-American Psycho 0
I was really close to moving this into the top five, but the two ahead of this are just too meaningful to me. Mr. Patrick Bateman here is more of a dangerous obsession. I just can’t help myself around him, in any incarnation: film, book, or even stage last year.

5-Angus 0
I don’t remember if I first encountered Angus in high school or later, but I’ve never found a character that has been so inspiring and hopeful to me in dealing with the struggles I faced then. He’s vulnerable but brave and faces his enemies head on, no apologies. He’s exactly what I needed, and he makes me laugh every time.

4-SLC Punk! 0
I’ve identified with characters before, but here I simply identify with the attitude of the film as a whole. The idea of personal rebellion, and fighting to make your own way in this world, and not caring one little bit what anyone else thinks about you. These are all philosophies I live by to this day, and they are fully embodied in this movie.

3-Donnie Darko 0
In all the years since I’ve seen this movie, it’s stayed with me and still haunts me. I can debate and discuss it for hours on end without getting bored, and I love the connection I feel with anyone who feels as intensely about this movie as I do. Some people just don’t get this movie at all. Those that do are my people.

2-Fight Club 0
This movie has so many different meanings to so many different people. For me, it’s about non-conformity and rebelling against the norms of society. It’s about making your own way, and what happens when you go from blindly following one leader to another. Oh right, I’m not supposta talk about it.

1-Aladdin 0
Nope, this movie is never going anywhere. I feel like I’ve doubled down on this one over and over again, with bday movie nights and Disneyland trips, and bday Disney trips. No movie makes me happier, and I doubt any ever will.”