Personal Shopper

“I think the title and occupation of the protagonist intrigued me as much as (if not more than) the supernatural plot. Here’s a chance to explore a to me unknown occupation and see a supernatural thriller. Cool! When looking into schedule possibilities, I noticed that star Kristen Stewart was lined up to do a Q&A following a screening I could easily attend (plus score some tacos I’d been jonesing after for a few weeks), so that was a no brainer.

Stewart is stuck in Paris, waiting for a sign from her twin brother who passed away three months prior. The two of them were mediums, but he was a much stronger believer than she is. Meanwhile, she fills her time at a job she hates, buying clothes for her rich and entitled boss. While on a work errand, she receives some mysterious communications. Is it her brother? Someone else? And what are their intentions?

The film is being described as a supernatural thriller, but to me it felt more like a modern ghost story (so yes on the supernatural) than a full on thriller. Yes, there were some really suspenseful sequences, but the mystery of the spirit realm permeated the film more for me. I also really did find her job and day to day fascinating, which was a strange juxtaposition with the ghost side of the story. It felt like any other small and simple indie mixed with a mediocre horror (which elevated it just past medicore).

The Q&A was cool because there’s a lot of this movie that’s purposely left ambiguous. Hearing Stewart talk about that ambiguity and how the director wasn’t interested in answers, just exploring the journey calmed any frustration I was feeling in the resolution by providing some proper context.

A friend of mine who saw the movie after me said this was more of a save-for-Netflix type of movie and I’m inclined to agree, assuming that you’re able to devote a decent amount of attention to it, and aren’t playing video games or something as I typically do when watching at home.

Personal Shopper – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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