The Lego Batman Movie

“Oh one of the ultimate movie tests: Can a breakout side character carry their own film? In other words, is it possible to have too much of a good thing? Minions couldn’t do it. Neither could The Penguins of Madagascar (although I never cared much for Madagascar to begin with). And I never saw it, but I’ve been told that Puss in Boots couldn’t make it work either. Could the Bat pull it off? Kind of.

I think the biggest strength The Lego Movie had turned into Lego Batman’s weakness. LM had zero expectations going into it, and it was all a joyous surprise. LB had all the expectations in the world, and it was impossible to live up to. That doesn’t mean that everything wasn’t awesome. The movie was still hilarious and clever and nostalgic, and full of so many expected cameos and winks and gags. I just feel like there was something missing from the excitement I had for LM. It was one of those where in the moment, I walked out thinking it was epic, and cooled down pretty quickly once it had time to settle. Still Will Arnett is in the running for my favorite Batman. Even more importantly, Lego Batman is infinitely superior to what Zack Snyder’s doing with DC. Let’s face it Warner Bros, you’re never gonna top Marvel. Maybe just let the Lego guys take it from here…

The Lego Batman Movie – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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