The Karate Kid

“Fans of HIMYM will remember that Barney Stinson had an obsession with The Karate Kid. However, in his eyes, the real villain of the film was Ralph Macchio’s Danny. The real hero, Barey Claims, was Billy Zabka’s Johnny. It was a recurring joke on the show, including cameo appearances from both Karate Kids, the real one and the “”real”” one. I think his claim centered around how Johnny was the true karate kid, who devoted his life to the study of karate, whereas Danny just came in and bullied him out of his home turf.

So when watching this movie, I tried to watch it from that perspective. I lasted all of one scene. I’m sorry, but Johnny is way too much of an ass for me to get in his corner. Granted, I am quite sensitive to bullying, but still, I could not stand the guy. And the way that his sensei trained them just grated on me. A philosphy of No mercy? I’m sorry, but I will always choose compassion first.

The other thing I noticed, that’s a trend I kinda hope Hollywood will go back to, is the abrupt ending. The winner of the tournament is declared and the movie just stops. We don’t have 20 minutes of wrap up. I don’t know how many times in the recent past, I’ve been grabbing my bag and ready to walk out of the theater when I thought the movie was over, only to find that there were 5 more scenes of reflection and over resolution. Mr Miyagi knows. We don’t care about that. Keep it streamlined, young grasshopper.”

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