Yes Man

“Anyone remember this movie? It’s not even a decade old, but it didn’t really last in memory, huh? Betcha didn’t even remember that Zooey Deschannel and Bradley Cooper are in this. So to refresh it for you, Jim Carrey plays a guy who tries to turn his doldrums around by saying “”Yes”” to every opportunity that presents itself. Yes, he’ll give the homeless guy a ride. Yes, he’ll take guitar lessons. Yes, he’ll go see your weird band play. Only a slightly different premise from Liar Liar where he was compelled to tell the truth.

The one thing that’s cool although completely contrived about the movie is how everything he agrees to somehow comes back around in a really helpful way. For example, the guitar guy taught him to play Third Eye Blind’s Jumper, which he later uses to talk a suicidal Luis Guzman off a literal ledge. But it also leads to a really cheesy and not very believable romcom situation with Zooey. Ugh. I guess it’s right that we’ve forgotten about this movie. Thankfully Carrey’s got some amazing and hilarious movies on his resume we can always return to”

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