“Is it possible to write up a Matthew McConaughey movie without including the phrase “”Alright, alright, alright””? Oh oops. Maybe we’ll never know.

But since we already went there, let’s just say Gold wasn’t even alright (alright, alright). Here, Matthew (you really expect me to keep typing out that impossible to remember how to spell last name?) plays a prospector whose business is on its last legs. He puts everything he has into a last ditch effort in Indonesia, where he and his partner (Edgar Ramirez) hit the jackpot with one of the biggest gold finds in history. But in the words of Tolkien, “”all that is gold does not glitter””, and things go south pretty quick.

Sounds like it should be an interesting story, yeah? Then why was I so bored? It just felt like the story wasn’t moving at all. Nothing seemed to happen for a while between finding gold and everything going to hell. Time stopped moving.

The only reason to consider seeing it is Matthew’s performance. Def unlike anything we’ve seen him do before. Think Tom Cruise going Les Grossman without the comedic aspect. It’s not the suave Matthew who sells us Lincolns, it’s something new and you can see him having fun with it. I just didn’t think it was worth setting thru the whole movie for.

Gold – \m/ \m/”

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