Wall Street

“Now this is one of the great dramatic thrillers of the 80s, even going so far as to win an Academy Award for star Michael Douglas. Whenever I first watched it, I was riveted by the roller coaster ride of greed that it takes you on. It’s fascinating, and it makes you jealous of the lifestyle these wolves of wall street live.

Watching it today, in the context of our current economic state and so soon after the new administration took office, I almost couldn’t handle it. I felt my brain tuning out most of the film. The level of greed these characters exhibited sickened me, the way Gordon Gekko has no regard for the lives he may upend in order to take his excess millions. I’m thankful that (spoiler alert) he finds justice at the end, but that just enraged me more that so many of today’s modern day crooks and corporations just keep on chugging.

Oh and it’s also hard to find sympathy for Charlie Sheen’s character because he’s Charlie Sheen, and we all know where the actor ends up in his life. However, it is wonderful seeing him act opposite his father Martin Sheen, because he’s Martin Sheen, and we all know where the actor ends up in his life, and I think we’re all longing for a bit more President Bartlett in our lives right now.”

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