The Craft

“As we hit the post awards release winter graveyard at the movies, I’ve gotta find other films to blog about. I’m not gonna force myself to go see crap that I’m not interested in, especially at the current prices. So assuming my blog posting stamina holds up this morning that I’m writing, I’ve got a small marathon’s worth of movies to write up.

We start with The Craft. It’s been on my VHS upgrade radar for a while, and a couple weeks ago, the BluRay went on sale at Best Buy. After clearing the rest of my new DVD queue, it was next. I’m sure you remember this one, the 1996 horror (more in genre than in thrills) starring Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney, and Neve Campbell as high school outcasts who form a coven and engage in witchcraft.

When I was in sixth grade, this movie was everything to some people. Personally, I wasn’t allowed to watch it (even if it wasn’t explicitly banned, I knew mom and dad’s guidelines well enough to assume) so it would be a couple years until I did. But I do remember a certain group of girls who would add some goth accessories to their school uniform and walk around repeating some of the spells and chants. That trend didn’t end up following them to junior high the next year.

Actually my strongest memory of the movie isn’t even of the movie itself. It’s of when it won Best Fight at the MTV movie awards. More specifically it’s of David Spade and Hanson announcing the nominees. I’ve talked about my past Hanson obsession, yeah? Okay moving on.

This movie is so 90s, I love it! And to some extent it still kidna holds up. At least, there hasn’t really been anything else like it. Balk is still terrifying, and the power of the witches is still intoxicating. That era really was a golden age of cheesy horror, and The Craft should not get forgotten about. Maybe there’s a spell for that…”

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