“I briefly mentioned this at the end of the previous post, but as per usual, I’m in Texas for the holidays. yay. (She said with every ounce of enthusiasm she could muster). And also as per usual, my favorite escape is to the movies, especially to the Alamo Drafthouse (srsly, when the heck is the LA one gonna open already?). I told my mom to drop me off in the afternoon. I’d watch two movies, get lunch, and she could have the car to run errands grab me in time for dinner. Perfect. Well less perfect was that my original choice to follow up Passengers was cancelled, so I had to improvise and kill an hour reading and then saw Sing, a lower priority movie on the list, but better than going back home.

Of course there’s gonna be some cheesy animated movie released around Christmas. Some years they’re worth seeing. Some years they’re not. I’d put Sing, this year’s offering about a bunch of animated animals with celebrity voices competing in an American Idol-esque singing competition, somewhere in the middle. If you hafta take the kids to something, sure. Otherwise, you’re not really missing a whole lot.

With the exception of Pixar, which is usually strong on it’s own no matter what, these animated films are made or not by their voice cast. Sing was pretty solid there. My favorite was Taron Egerton’s gorilla Johnny, especially since I had no idea that boy could sing. I also liked Seth MacFarlane’s rat-pack-esque mouse Mike. The troupe was led by Matthew McConaughey’s koala, Buster Moon, the owner of the theater organizing the event. And it was very much all McConaughey all the time, so if you can’t stand his voice, avoid this movie.

It was cute, but not particularly funny to those in the audience who don’t need a booster seat. For those of us watching with an adult milkshake (yay Drafthouse!) it was ultimately unremarkable and unmemorable. Doesn’t mean it was unenjoyable, just something that’ll get lost in cinema history pretty quickly. Hopefully, Hollywood will give Egerton more excuses to sing soon!!

Sing – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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