Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

“Unlike some, I was not at all wary of a Star Wars spin off, non-saga film. Even the word “”prequel”” didn’t scare me in this context. The idea of getting a new story that gave some added details to a world (or galaxy far far away) that we know and love. Actually, I was mostly amused that it was an entire movie built around correcting one of the perceived logical flaws of A New Hope. Specifically, how could the big and powerful death star be destroyed so relatively easily, but something as simple as an blasting a specific spot on the outside? No really, this entire movie is built around rationalizing that. Love it!

Another thing I love, Star Wars has really been kicking ass when it comes to diversity. Our main lead is one badass tough girl (a la Rey last year) and our co-lead is Hispanic. Rock on! Although my favorite character is our shiny new droid, K-2SO, voiced by the incomparable leaf on the wind Alan Tudyk.

As a movie, I didn’t leave as excited by it as others did. I was all about the feels and all about the nostalgia and all about the characters, but less about the action sequences and simple story. I think I need to give it another watch (I was kinda sleepy when I went). I had an opportunity to go today, which would have worked out time wise as the best double option, but didn’t feel up to it and rather opted to trim down my watch list with something new. I’ll get there.

Rogue One – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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