Miss Sloane

“My interest in this film was two fold: I know nothing about lobbying (other than a general feeling that I don’t think I like lobbyists) and was interested to learn what that’s all about, and secondly and more importantly, I wanted to see Jessica Chastain wield power and kick some figurative ass on screen. I still haven’t gotten over her in Zero Dark Thirty (that motherf-bomb line KILLED me and should have won her an Oscar) and I wanted to see her take on a role with similar claws. Coming right on the stylish high heels of Anna Gunn in Equity are power women in power suits the next trend in Hollywood? Oh God, I sure do hope so.

Right so as our title character, Chastain is a lobbyist (I think we covered that) who takes on the impossible challenge of getting some gun legislature to pass. I know just enough about politics to concur that those things unfortunately never have much hope. So she’s got her work cut out for her. I do feel like I learned some about the process (which only helped to further frustrate me with our current system) but there was still a lot of confusion on my part. It was a constant game of cat and mouse meets bait and switch that was hard to fully follow.

Chastain is awesome, of course. I had awards hope for her, but the film doesn’t seem to have gained enough traction for that. She’ll get there one day. We’ve got some other stellar ladies Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Alison Pill. Even if I couldn’t follow the details of what was going on, I could follow their passion. And that was enough.

Miss Sloane – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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