“I’m not allowed to play WoW this evening until I get this blog post done. Aaaand go!
*goes to YouTube and Candy Crush*

Oscar season is in full swing, and I’m kinda stoked to be somewhere that starts screening the potential nominees on their actual release date, and not an indeterminate number of weeks later. The contender: Natalie Portman for Best Actress in Jackie.

The film follows First Lady Jackie Kennedy in the immediate aftermath of her husband’s assasination. It was visually stunning and expertly acted emotional and interesting story, with a pacing that was slow as all get out. I’m sure I’ll talk more about Portman’s performance when she’s inevitably nominated (biopics are acting awards bait, especially when combining an affecting arc with specific accent and mannerisms), but that pace just messed with my enjoyment of the film.

I was talking with a friend afterwards, who asked if I recommended it. For him, and his love of costumes, I enthusiastically recommended it (with a warning about the slowness). I love the style and colors of the 60’s and that was worthwhile to watch. So that plus the acting, worth it. If you’re going for the story, maybe not.

Jackie – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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