Bad Santa 2

“Bad Santa makes me uncomfortable. I mean, we know I love crude humor, but Bad Santa’s lecherous side is a bit too much for me. It just creeps me out, and he’s so disgusting and I don’t understand how women in the film respond to him (I should point out that while his comments are not always welcome, he never takes any action that isn’t consensual. If he crossed that line, then we wouldn’t even be talking because I wouldn’t have gone). Still, I gotta have my offensive comedy, and a solid contrast to Moana earlier that day.

I rewatched the original Bad Santa earlier in the week, so the references were fresh. That was certainly key, since I think the throwbacks are what I most enjoyed. And Kathy Bates. She was cool to watch. The rest, I’ve basically forgotten and/or blocked out in the days since I’ve seen this (yeah, slacking on the blog posts again). I think here is where I’m supposta make some cheesy joke about this movie not being what I asked Santa for. Or maybe a naughty list joke. Ugh, moving on.

Bad Santa 2 – \m/ \m/ \n”

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