“I grew up during the so-called second golden age of Disney. We’ve talked about this. Many times. What I haven’t said much about was how much I loved the announcement of the next movie. There were always two things to be excited about: what well known story was I going to get to see, and what new world and culture were we gonna explore? Hearing about Moana brought back the excitement of the second point. Disney got it’s groove back with the classic story retold in Frozen. Now it’s time for a new adventure in a new place.

We travel with Moana to ancient Polynesia. This daughter of a Chieftan is on deck to rule her peaceful island home, but her heart is with the sea. She wants nothing more than to explore the ocean beyond the barrier of the reef. Her chance comes when a curse moves in on her home, threatening life on the island. She journeys out to find demigod Maui, in hopes of setting things right.

In short, it delivers on all the Disney magic we know and love. Beautiful animation, catchy music (thanks Lin-Manuel Miranda!), great cast, engaging story. In continuing recent trends, our “”princess”” has more in common with Mulan than Sleeping Beauty: a tough warrior girl who is brave enough to set out and fight rather than stay home and wait for Prince Charming (no princes in this movie, another step forward).

In case there was any doubt that Disney had it’s mojo back in the new millennium, it should be undeniable now

Moana – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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