Bleed For This

“The best (or at least a very good) cure for a bad day? A tummy full of Ben and Jerry’s and a night at the movies. While my movie had been chosen because of scheduling, a boxing movie is good for those circumstances. Everyone loves a feel good underdog story, which is what you get with most sports films, this sport in particular. Why else do you think there’s so many of ’em? Rocky, The Fighter, Southpaw, Warrior (MMA, but close enough), Creed (okay that’s still Rocky), and the list goes on. The flipside to that though is that there really isn’t a whole lot new to offer when another one gets added to the list.

This time around, Miles Teller stars as Vinny Pazienza, real life world champion boxer. When trying to pull himself up from a career slump, he’s in a major car accident that leaves him with a broken neck. Rather than taking the safer medical procedure that would guarantee recovery but prevent him from fighting, he takes a much riskier approach that could either leave him paralyzed or allow him to return to the ring. Three guesses how that turns out.

If there’s a reason to see it, besides banking on the predictability of feels, it’s Aaron Eckhart, as Paz’s trainer. His best role since Thank You For Smoking, easily, and a complete transformation for him. Teller was pretty good too, also one of his better roles, but I preferred to focus on Eckhart.

It was kinda back and forth as to whether or not I’d make it to the movie. I wouldn’t have really missed much. Since it all worked out, there’s no question it beat a night in at home (especially that night), but it wouldn’t have been worth additional effort. You’ve seen this before, and you’ll undoubtedly see it again.

Bleed For This – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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