“I don’t think I’ve heard this movie mentioned once without including a comment about how good someone thought or heard it was. And the raves were growing more and more numerous, especially peaking my curiosity with some Oscar talk. We know I can’t resist that. I actually thought about going last week. I’d figured out a plan to escape to watch it while Mom did some shopping, but when the time came I was just so mentally exhausted from the previous week, I couldn’t do it. I opted to re-watch Doctor Strange instead so I could just relax. But of course that meant it smushed into the following week’s schedule, which was already packed with new releases. This is the cross I bear.

Moonlight is told in three acts, following a young black man in Miami. We see him first as a child, then a teen, then a young adult, each played by a different actor. He lives on the wrong side of town, attracting the wrong kind of trouble, and also wrestling with his homosexuality. The film is being praised for its honest and real portrayal of a life neglected. A friend who was born and raised in Miami that saw this film also added that it was the most accurate portrayal of their hometown that they’ve ever seen.

Here’s where my mixed feels and perspectives come in. Yes, this is an important film with a compelling story. Especially in the current political and emotional climate in this country, I think it’s imperative that we learn about other people’s perspectives and struggles. These untold stories are crucial in understanding each other. That said, it’s not something to see if you want entertainment. The pacing is slow, with not a lot of plot movement. It also has a solid indie movie vibe, which isn’t for everyone. But that’s not why you go to a movie like this.

I certainly made the right choice in postponing this another week until I was in the right mindset. Even if it’s not something that’s about me or even for me, I want to see more of these stories being told, and I’m happy to have supported it.

Moonlight – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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