The Accountant

“I’m pretty sure I’ve made this observation before, but one thing that kinda sucks about seeing movies as often as I do (and I’ve been getting into a rhythm of doing so again out here), is seeing the same trailers over and over again. It’s why I refuse to watch trailers online except in extreme circumstances. But even movies I’m excited for will start to get annoying eventually, and such was the case with The Accountant.

I read something recently talking about this film and a couple other recent ones that complained how about there’s a current trend of movies that are obsessed with twists. The Accountant is certainly a poster child for that. Batfleck stars as a high functioning autistic man whose skill with numbers has made him the go to accountant for some shady people. And then seemingly every five minutes we find out some new shocker about him. Except most twists weren’t as shocking a they’d think. Perhaps it’s another symptom of seeing too many movies, but I picked up on far too many of the subtle clues and open threads to really be surprised by anything.

And I find myself completely blanking on what other thoughts I had. JK Simmons and Anna Kendrick are awesome. I was concerned about how they’d portray genius, and it wasn’t as badly stereotypical as I expected, but didn’t quite nail it. Oh Jon Bernthal’s pretty awesome in general. Am I done?

The Accountant – \m/ \m/ \n”

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