“This was certainly a what-the-\m/-did-I-just-watch movies. Love those! Remember our buddy and current master of horror Eli Roth? He’s a producer on this chiller which is what got in on my radar. I knew nothing about it going in except that it was a horror movie about a clown. Well alrighty then.

Right from the beginning I was thrown off guard from what the very messed up premise actually ended up being. I was expecting a sort of Pennywise/AHS S4 psycho clown story. We got there eventually, but where we started was just some average joe dad who finds a clown suit to put on for his kid’s birthday party. But then he can’t take the suit off. Over time the suit overtakes him and instills a bloodlust and then we’ve got our psycho clown killer.

Besides the unexpected starting spot, where this movie really scored points with me was the gore. I haven’t seen such creative and disturbing use of fake blood in quite a while. Hats off to you, Jon Watts, who IMDB tells me is helming the next Spiderman. I’m gonna be expecting some great things from you in the future.

Oh I should also note that this was the first time I was able to sit back and relax in the apartment, having finished setting it up earlier that day. So not a bad choice to kick off the party in Gallifrey, and certainly a great way to start the spooky season we’re approaching”

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