The Magnificent Seven

“Heh, so I made a big deal about my new Thur movie routine, and I haven’t exactly stuck to it. Well, the Thur movies have happened, but I decided to shop around and check out the neighboring theaters before committing to the one. Although so far that one’s still my favorite.

I had mixed feelings about seeing this. Were I back in my old Boston movie routine, no question. Now, well it was the only viable option from what was out there, so I basically went for the sake of going, but could have easily skipped it if scheduling would have required. And that’s sort of how the movie went too.

I don’t particularly care for westerns, but I could certainly get behind this cast, particularly Chris Pratt and Ethan Hawke. Nothing too groundbreaking storywise. Some cool action sequences if you’re into the genre.

Basically I’m ready for September to be over so we can start getting into some good movies

The Magnificent Seven – \m/ \m/ \m/”