“This is driving me crazy. I can’t hear or see the word “”Labyrinth”” without my brain spelling it phonetically in my head. So annoying. I’m weird.

Anyways, at my first big LA party a couple days after I moved, one of my friends was soliciting movie buddies for a screening of Labyrinth that next weekend. Um, yes please! One it was a chance to be social without needing to cling onto my usual LA connection and two, when have you known me to ever turn down a movie?

And of course the magic of Jim Hensen holds up thirty years later. Sure there may have been a couple of older technologies that didn’t carry over, but most if it did. There was a really cool behind the scenes reel that played beforehand with interviews and footage on the set and other fun stuff. I’ve certainly seen this movie a couple times (hell, I own it on BluRay), but as always, watching it in a theater really forces you to pay attention. It was lovely.

David Bowie is the man. Puppets are awesome. Hensen’s imagination knows no bounds. Humor and heart are a great combination. This post is not coherent.”

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