“Oh noes! I ran out of blog posts! For the first time in (at least) months, I missed a day. Oops. Thing is, I’ve been so desperate to finish unpacking and get settled, that blogging and movie watching has been put on the backburner. Besides, it was only yesterday that I unboxed the last of the movies (and I’ve still got way more non-moves to unbox) and I’d previously spoken about how ticket prices make me wanna be more selective about going to the movies, especially during the September graveyard. But I am starting to fall into a routine, a key part of which is the Thur evening new release. Found a nice theater that’s super easy to get to, and it frees up my weekend for theme parks and such (or more unpacking).

Sully was the movie that kicked things off. Much of what I’d read about it over the following weekend was commenting on what it was like to watch a movie where you know the ending. For me, knowing the ending made the anxiety bearable, because the suspense built throughout key scenes was palpable, spoilers or not. Hats off to director (and Hollywood legend) Clint Eastwood.

And points for the cast. Not just Tom Hanks. We know he’s the go to guy for all American Joe hero. So let’s talk about the supporting casts. Aaron Eckhart, where have you been hiding lately? His turn as Sully’s co-pilot was the best we’ve seen from him in a long while, and it was an unexpected burst of energy and heart. I was also amused by how many other actors I recognized in smaller roles Sam Huntington, Jerry Ferrara, Anna Gunn, Mike O’Malley, that dude that played Karofsky on Glee, that dude from Fight Club and Heroes whose name I can never remember. That’s what having such a prestigious director on board can do. Love it.

As much as I’m raving about the movie, I don’t know that it’ll even still be in my mind in a couple weeks. But at least for those two hours in the theater, it was certainly worth being there.

Sully – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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