Don’t Breathe

“I’ve now been in LA for a week and day, but I still haven’t posted my final Boston movie from my last full day in town. Good thing I had enough posts queued up to get me thru til now, but I’ve gotta get back to it. Already missing Vo2 Cafe, which became my blog haven over the past few months. I’m supposta write these at home? Ugh, lame.

Yeah so let’s see how much I even remember. Here goes. Don’t Breathe. Billed as a horror. Felt more like a thriller, but a very unsettling one at that. Delinquent young adult break into an old blind dude’s home with the intention of robbing him. Turns out, he’s not as defenseless as you’d think. He blocks every exit in the place and seems to have his other senses heightened as he tracks them down in the house. I don’t know, but the concept of the dude not being able to see you but being able to hear _everything_ just creeps me out. They sold that much really well at least.

I was about to say things got pretty dark, until I realized that would be the most horrible unintentional pun, and it must not be uttered. But yeah, dude’s got some pretty messed up secrets inside his home. The suspense sorta ebbed and flowed and the conclusion dragged out, but when it was on, oh it was on. So not bad for a late summer low budget horror. Still not the horror revelation I’m waiting for, but we’re getting there.

Don’t Breathe – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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