“This movie has been nicknamed “”The She-Wolf of Wall Street””, and to some extent it is, in that it is about women working the investment game. But we don’t really wanna define a strong women’s film by the men who did something similar first yeah? Besides, other than the occuptation, it’s all different. The plot, the tone, the type of work the leads do. So let’s just leave Leo and company out of this one, ‘kay?

Anna Gunn stars in a role that would make Syler White oh so very proud, an investment banker that is working to launch an IPO for an up and coming social networking site that prides itself on its privacy and security.

I know I’ve become a bit of a broken record on feminism in film, but this is a shining example of what we women are truly capable of. Written by, directed by, and starring women, this is one of the strongest displays of girl power you’re going to find today. And most importantly, it shows women with power, who aren’t afraid to try and take their place in the world. An early scene has Gunn give a quick monologue about money being the reason she loves why she works, and that she’s not going to back down from that position because women aren’t supposed to be there. The film highlights how she and her assistant have to work twice as hard as the boys, and are taken down by even the slightest perceived infraction that no one would even bat an eye at if she were male. Frankly, we need more movies like this. A lot more.

And oh was Gunn really able to sink her teeth into this. We saw her just start to rise up in Breaking Bad, but this is the career Skyler White could have eventually aspired to. And she is not at all apologetic for it. It’s breathtaking, inspiring, and empowering to watch. The film may be a little small to land on any awards radars, but that doesn’t make it any less worthy. The general buzz around the film has been pretty positive, so I really hope that encourages more movies like this to be made, and hopefully on a larger scale.

Equity – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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