“Two (of the many) things I’m a total sucker for movie wise: a good and suspenseful thriller, and a dangerous psychological game scenario. Nerve checks both boxes. Awesome.

Emma Roberts, who is really rising up in the Hollywood ranks lately, plays the shy and conservative Vee. In an effort to break out of her shell and prove herself to her more adventurous friends, she signs up to participate in Nerve, an online game of truth or dare, minus the truth. People around the world pay to be watchers, tuning in to the live streams of the dares, and the watchers select the dares for the contestants to participate in. Complete your dare, earn some money. Fail and you’re out of the game. She teams up with Dave Franco’s Ian, and before they know it, the two are in far deeper than they planned on. And exactly who are these watchers, anyways?

It may not be a big and flashy blockbuster, but it absolutely worked for me. Again, being a sucker for games in the plot (see also Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire or the first Hunger Games), I think I was just most interested to see what the escalating dares were. Add on top of that the fast paced suspense and it was a total rush. I think the intensity of the film helped me finally let go of some of the anxiety from my upcoming move. One of the biggest pieces had fallen into place for me that day, and the ultimate release in tension at the films conclusion sorta took all of that with it. Okay, I’ll quit being introspective.

But yeah, just a fun smaller film hidden among the summer mega movies. And dare I say, it’s far more effective than a lot of those cookie cutter tentpoles. At least I liked it better.

Nerve – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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