Lights Out

“I initially meant to just skip this since the trailer didn’t give me any indication that it’d be anything special. But then some friends were talking about it, excitedly making plans, and it caught my attention. There wasn’t anything else I was dying to double with Star Trek (I’d mostly gotten caught up while I was in LA) and RT had a pretty decent (since certified fresh) score, so I figured what the hell. I’m still waiting for this year’s really good horror movie. It’s gotta be here somewhere. Lights Out actually makes a decent go at it, but I’m not sure it’s quite there yet.

So we’ve got the rebellious Rebecca (Teresa Palmer) who has been living on her own to escape her mother’s drama, only to get sucked back in when her little brother Martin (Gabriel Bateman) starts getting caught up in it. Turns out Mom’s childhood best friend from the mental institution (there’s always a mental institution, isn’t there) Diana is somehow supernaturally back from the dead, but only capable of surviving in the darkness. Mom (Maria Bello) thinks they’re still besties. Rebecca and Martin think Diana’s out to get them. Oh and bonus points for Rebecca’s hot yet sensitive and loyal non-offical-BF Bret (Alexander DiPersia).

Given that I don’t really scare easily, I’d categorize the feel as more thriller than horror. Yes the supernatural element firmly places it in the later, but the vibe was more the former. It was simple, but solid. Fairly clean story lines (some muddle details, but not enough to drag down the pacing), full characters, strong cast. Still, it’s just missing that big wow factor that would have made it amazing. Not sure what exactly what missing piece is, but we’re at least further along than most other recent offerings in the genre.

Lights Out – \m/ \m/ \m/ \n”

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