“I almost let this one slip by me. It was released when Mom was still in town, so it got pushed down the priority list. Honestly, I kinda didn’t really wanna see it. The sense I got from the trailer was that there wouldn’t be a whole lot happening, and that it’d mostly rely on nostalgia and feels for Roald Dahl and the CGI effects for the giant. However, my respect for Steven Spielberg kept it on the list, and compelled me to go when the opportunity arose.

As fate would have it, my trailer intuition skillz are pretty refined and my instincts were spot in. The movie looked gorgeous but was utterly boring. The storyline was too simple. That would work in a children’s book, especially when your imagination is doing all the heavy lifting of creating the world of the giants, but when that work is done for you on screen, there’s not a whole lot left. Maybe this should have been done as a short or some liberties should have been taken to expand the plot. All I know is that this didn’t quite deliver on the magic it promised.

The BFG – \m/ \m/”

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