The Infiltrator

“If we were just going off the info I had from the trailer, I probably wouldn’t have seen this. Nothing about it seemed too special from any other undercover-cop-in-too-deep story we’ve seen, true or not. However, throw in Bryan Cranston and all bets are off. You know that no matter how the rest of the movie may be, you’re going to get an incredible performance out of him, and that alone is worth watching. Which is pretty much how The Infiltrator turns out.

Cranston plays actual US Customs Agent Robert Mazur, whose undercover work helped take down a big chunk of Pablo Escobar’s drug cartel. In a role that’s the closest we’ve seen to Walter White since he hung up Heisenberg’s pork pie hat, we see him toe the line between light and dark, questioning his motives as he plays everyone around him. He is utterly captivating every moment on screen.

Unfortunately the film itself isn’t quite worthy of Cranston’s expertise. The details of the story are kinda confusing, and I found myself zoning out here and there. The supporting cast is pretty solid, especially John Leguizamo and Diane Kruger, but it’s hard to get fully behind them when you can’t keep the twists in the con of the storyline straight.

I met up with some friends after the movie, and of course was asked how it was, and if it was worth seeing. My response was that Cranston’s performance is worth it, but the rest of the movie not so much. “”So, wait for Netflix?”” “”Yeah, pretty much””

The Infiltrator – \m/ \m/ \n”

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