The Legend of Tarzan

“Does this count as a sequel? Because if so, it fits in perfectly with the 2016 trend of sequels no one asked for. I’d hate to use the term “”reboot”” but maybe that’s more what it is. Still, whose idea was it?

The cast was the only reason I was interested. Even though he’s overplayed it by now, I’ll see Christoph Waltz as the villain in anything. Really, I’ll just see him in anything. Can’t go wrong with Margot Robbie or Samuel L Jackson. And then of course, there’s Alexander Skarsgard and his abs

Cutting right to the chase, something the movie refused to do, it was dull and boring. The thin story didn’t really go anywhere, and by the time we got to the action, it wasn’t that great. The whole swinging from trees thing was at least something we haven’t seen in a while, and I am a fan of apes/monkeys/etc, but overall, Dawn Dawn is not impressed.

The Legend of Tarzan – \m/ \m/”

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