Charlie Bartlett

“My world stopped for a moment when I heard the news of Anton Yelchin’s death. I’ve loved and followed that kid since Alpha Dog ten years ago. Terminator, The Smurfs, Odd Thomas, The Beaver, Green Room, Only Lovers Left Alive, Fright Night, and of course, Star Trek. Seeing as how Charlie Bartlett was coming up on the movie fall, I felt it was a fitting movie to use as a tribute.

Yelchin had a few roles where he could be considered a lead, but this one’s practically a one man show, and it’s a perfect showcase for his energy and charisma. Charlie is a rich kid starting over at a public school, and he just wants to be liked. He makes a name for himself as a student psychiatrist, listening to his classmates problems and selling them prescription pills he scams from his own shrink(s). Basically he’s an aspiring Zack Morris or Ferris Bueller or Van Wilder.

The movie itself is medicare (raise your hand if you even knew this movie a month ago), but again it makes a good vehicle for Yelchin. He does have a good supporting cast behind him (Kat Dennings, Hope Davis, Robert Downey Jr) but it’s all about our boy. I wish he’d been given a better overall film to showcase his talents, but he’s certainly what makes it watchable and worth watching once out of respect. Still, I’m devastated that he’s gone and wish there were infinitely more films listed on his IMDB page”

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