Central Intelligence

“Been waiting for this one since it was filming here in Boston. I saw a bunch of extras opportunities that I wasn’t able to try and get in on (and one night shoot I hadn’t realized I could have done until the next day). Actually, what I’m most upset about was seeing Aaron Paul tweet that he’d be catching a movie at a local theater, which I saw the next day (D’oh!). Anyways, I’d just started following Dwayne Johnson on Instagram when filming was underway, and he always had some fun updates from the set. Plus, the combo of The Rock and Kevin Hart really got my attention.

So now that it’s here, eh. The high school all star (Hart) and punching bag (Johnson) reunite just before their 20th highschool reunion. The allstar is now a boring old accountant, while the dweeb is now a CIA agent, albeit as awkward as ever. I love the idea of awkward Rock, but it was a bit too awkward, didn’t feel quite right. The plotline was all over the place too, trying too hard to keep you guessing (I wasn’t) and wanting to be more action than comedy (it was light on both). Our leads were great, and as is often the case in Hart’s movies, I’d love to see this partnership again, but with better material.

I did like that we had some actually recognizable Boston locales. Well even if they said they were at the Common but they were really mostly at the Public Garden, it’s cool. I could at least recognize it. By the end I was having fun, it just took a while to get going. I was back and forth on the score (what do you do when you’re in between what’s meant to be an inbetween score). So for the love of Boston, I’m going higher, especially since it reflects my feeling leaving more than getting into it

Central Intelligence – \m/ \m/ \m/”

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