“I’ll admit it, I play World of Warcraft. I resisted for a very long time though. It was a huge deal back on my dorm. You couldn’t walk out into the lounge without seeing half a dozen people on laptops gaming away. I didn’t want to get sucked into that black hole, so I was the lone hold out. Then some years later there was a boy. And I still resisted for a while, until I eventually gave in. Now I’ve got 3 Alliance alts at max level: my main, DawnieDarko, a paladin draenei; Dawnatello, worgen hunter; and DawnCorleone, rogue night elf. I’m also working on leveling a Horde goblin warlock, DawnQuixote, and I’ve got a Death Knight of some sort, Dawnofthdead, that’s waiting in the wings. Even though it’s been a couple years, I still consider myself more of a n00b since there’s a bunch of aspects of the game I’m not too familiar with. I mostly stick with question, purely PvE stuff. I only ever touch PvP when trying to get a seasonal achievement or other thing of great (relative) importance.

All of that background is just to illustrate that yes, I do know this game, and therefore I am the target audience for the movie. So as someone who plays the game, it was very cool (that feels like an underwhelming choice of words) to see it on the big screen. Every familiar town or race or creature made my inner geek giddy, although let’s be real, my geek is anything but inner. The spell casting looked amazing and the level of detail in the costumes was fantastic.

Now we get to the very big “”but”” on that statement of glee. Generally as a movie, not a whole lot going on. Simplistic story that was over-reliant on big action. I also wonder how well people who aren’t into WoW would pick up on the nuances of what’s going on. Granted, not a lot of those people will likely be watching, but it’s a valid concern. Some great people in the cast, but none of them particularly memorable other than for being whatever class/race they were.

One other thing that they did get right, we got both sides of the story, Alliance and Horde. Now there were clear villainous characters, but there wasn’t a right and wrong side. For being based on a game that has many users on either side of the fence, this was very much a smart choice. Some of the other choices made in the film may not have been that great, but rest assured that they at least got the important things right.

Warcraft – \m/ \m/ \n”

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