“When Michael Fassbender was first announced as Magneto in X-Men: First Class, most people referenced him as one of the Inglorious Basterds. Some of the savvier film peeps also referenced him as the guy in this movie, Hunger. I’ll admit to having to go back and rewatch Basterds to see which guy they meant, but then got really really excited to put it all together. And of course, once I was converted as very much a fun, I eventually had to circle back to where is big break started.

Hunger tells the true story of Bobby Sands, an inmate in an Irish prison in the early 80’s who led a hunger strike in protest of the treatment of the prisoners. The film divides neatly into 3 acts. In the first, we observe the deplorable conditions of the inmates, and the every day horrors they face. From there, we get to know Sands as he converses and debates with a priest who has come to visit. The third act sees him withering away as a result of his starvation.

It’s not the most exciting film. In fact, it’s downright boring at times, as far as advancing plot. But the images are harrowing, making it impossible not to have a strong reaction. Especially in that middle section, it’s pretty easy to see how/why Fassbender caught the attention of people who wanted to put him in bigger movies. And now, of course, he’s one of the biggest stars we’ve got, coming off his second Oscar nomination. I’m sure a win isn’t too far off in the future”

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