Shattered Glass

“I gotta be careful about these write ups that I email to myself, to post into LJ later. I hadn’t realized that the header info got pasted in onto my Pretty in Pink write up until I was sharing a screenshot of Jon Cryer liking my tweet (You guys! Jon Cryer liked my tweet! #teamduckie)

Moving on, how is it that Peter Sarsgaard keeps unexpectedly showing up in my home blog movies? Boys Don’t Cry, Jarhead and now Shattered Glass.

I remember exactly when I bought this movie. A couple years ago, a few days before my second knee surgery, I hit up Newbury Comics and came back with a stack of used DVD’s to watch while I was confined to the couch (I had yet to buy into this whole “”Netflix”” thing). Out of all the movies that I bought for the occassion, Shattered Glass was the only one I actively remembered afterwards. I was just fascinated by the story and completely drawn in to it.

This movie stars Hayden Christensen (filmed between Star Wars prequels) as the real life Stephen Glass, a journalist for a very prestigious publication who was caught having fabricated most of his work. As is often the case with a stranger than fiction story, the twists of this are really unbelievable.

We focus in on the story that got Glass busted, and the lengths to which he went to create his lie are mind boggling. Fake websites and phone numbers and locations and accomplices. You’d think that writing a true article would have taken much less effort. Even as its unraveling, you’re not quite sure what to believe. He couldn’t have faked that much, could he?

There’s a really great supporting cast here too. The aforementioned Sarsgaard along with Steve Zahn, Rosario Dawson, Melanie Lynksey, Hank Azaria, and Chloe Sevigny. I would have liked more Azaria (always cool seeing a funny guy in a serious role) but then again, anytime there’s an amount of Hank Azaria, I’m going to be wanting more.”

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