Finding Nemo

“This is one of the most beloved Pixar movies out there. And that’s saying something because pretty much all Pixar movies are greatly beloved. For me, I did always enjoy it, but it was never really top of the list (hello there, Toy Story). So it kinda follows that Nemo wasn’t as fresh in my head as some of its Pixar brethren. In the hopes that I wouldn’t feel like the amnesiac Dory when watching the sequel next month, I wanted to take a trip under the sea to visit our favorite clownfish family once again.

The first thing I forgot about was the supporting voice cast. Of course we all remember Ellen Degeneres as Dory (best character ever), and Albert Brooks as Marlin (whose voice keeps me thinking Tom Hanks). But we’ve also got Allison Janney, Willem DaFoe, Elizabeth Perkins, and Geoffrey Rush, most of whom play characters that I had completely forgotten about. Of course I remembered some of the plot points of Dory and Marlon’s adventures, but Nemo’s misadventures in the dentist office and his colorful cast of comrades were new all over again for me.

I also have a new appreciation for Crush, the turtle, after having visited him at Disney World. If you’ve never done Turtle Talk with Crush at either park, add it to your list (especially if you need a break to sit down in an air conditioned room for a while). What it is, is that you sit in front of a digital aquarium where our favorite turtle dude swims in and takes questions from the children in the audience. It’s adorable and clever, and was such a highlight of my Orlando trip last summer. We weren’t able to fit it in last time in Anaheim, but I’m certainly prioritizing it next time.

So onward to the sequel! Oh, we’ve still got another month? Just keep swimming, then!”

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