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“I adore Melissa McCarthy. She is one of the funniest women on the planet, a role model of a strong woman, and a truly genuine charismatic and caring person. I’ve been excited for all her tv appearances and interviews. I love hear what she has to say, and how she has to say it. I’m thrilled to see her leading her own movies, and I love the partnership she has with her husband in making these films happen. So why do I always find them underwhelming?

I recounted a similar feeling toward Sacha Baron Cohen a few weeks ago, and I often used to make the same lament about Will Ferrell. I just don’t like these over the top characters enough to maintain an entire movie. The basis for the comedy (lots of flash and visual) just don’t do it for me. There was a gag (not a spoiler, it’s in the trailer) where she is launched off a sofa sleeper into the wall. Uproarious laughter throughout the room. The older gentleman in front of me had aftershocks of chuckles through the next few minutes. I sat there stone faced (and not because I already knew that gag was coming, the trailer received the same lack of response from me).

I’d love to see McCarthy take on a more realistic role, that les her personality shine through a bit more, and plays off that natural charisma. And then save these flamboyant characters for featured roles and small scenes to steal.

I did really like her pairing with Kristen Bell. Her more straight but still funny role is the level where I’d like to see McCarthy. But since Bell was here, she had the chance to shine, and she was fantastic. Maybe we can pair these ladies up again some time?

The Boss – \m/ \m/ \n”

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