“Heh, so continuing off the afterthought about my name from my last post. Dawn is just common enough that it’s familiar, but it doesn’t really come up too often. This is true in life (while I’ve been in the same room as another Dawn, to my knowledge I’ve never actually interacted with one), and in films. Our protagonist here in Teeth is a Dawn, and I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this being one of my few namesakes.

On the one hand, yay strong female protagonist, and yay for quirky cult classic. On the other, she’s got quite a unique, um, trait that I don’t know that I wanna be associated with (and does it maybe scare the boys away, explaining my bad luck on the dating front?)

Right, I should probably explain for those that don’t know the premise. It’s about where the titular teeth are. At the risk of sounding prudish for not wanting to risk being vulgar by coming right out and saying it (as I wonder how many of my co-workers I’ve directed to this blog…), men are probably far more likely to be scared by this horror than the girls are. Yeah, that’s where those teeth are hidden….

Again, more horror in tone and genre than flat out scares, at least not that kind of scary for half of this world’s population.

Now what I’m finding scary is how much Dawn’s attitudes in the early film mimic the very Church-centric world I grew up in. Is that what we all sounded like? No wonder I had no friends in high school. And maybe this Dawn at that age had more in common with that Dawn than I realized (or remembered from the last time I saw this).

Eww. *Squelching sound* is what the subtitles said at a certain key event. I’m not gonna get that image (with audio effects) out of my head any time soon am I?

Ultimately, the movie is really about a young girl conquering and understanding her sexuality. The story just takes a really unconventional route to get there.”

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