X-Men Origins: Wolverine

“Now that we’ve seen Deadpool done right I wanted to revisit Deadpool done wrong. This is me at my most masochistic.

Really, Deadpool is only a few minutes of this ill-remembered X-outing, but his few minutes are the most infamous. He shows up early, kinda fits the part but not entirely, talks the talk, mostly written by Reynolds as we’ve recently found out, and then he’s gone til the end where he’s a completely muzzled shadow of his former self. Not to mention that his transformation is not exactly cannon (as I understand it). But was the rest of the movie as bad as it’s remembered?

Eh, not that bad. It’s certainly not the strongest X-film, that much we can all agree on. However, there are some glimmers of goodness hidden within.

Top of the list is Liev Schreiber as Sabertooth. The man is a damn good actor, far better than this franchise deserved at the time. Sure in today’s post-Marvel Studios world, top notch actors showing up and being treated well has become the norm. If only he entered the picture then. I fear we’ll never have the chance to see what he’d be capable of with a script worthy of his caliber. But really, the movie was worth the rewatch just to revisit his performance.

Similar gem, but not quite as shiny is Taylor Kitsch as Gambit. Another bit of wasted potential. Finally, the X-Man we’ve most been missing is on screen, and he doesn’t do a whole lot. What he does is great, no question his scattered scenes are my favorites, but in a movie that ultimately doesn’t do a whole lot, it’s another waste. We’ll see what happens when Channing Tatum picks up the card deck soon (hopefully).

The story, honestly I found it better than The Wolverine. Not a high bar, but a bar just the same. However, the lesson learned is that the X-men function best as a team, and we have yet to crack the solo conundrum. Well, the world has mostly forgiven this film and moved on. I will do so as well.”

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