The Nines

“It helped that I was on a bit of a Ryan Reynolds kick from Deadpool when I was picking a movie from the wall. This was one of those that I’d seen once and had zero memory of, except for a memory of a haze of confusion. Soooo, this should go better, yeah?

Ummm, not so much. Well, I’m not left in a general state of confusion, this wasn’t Southland Tales or Mulholland Dr with all of its twist and turns. But more of a “”huh, really? Um okay, I guess””

Ryan Reynolds stars as three characters (actor, writer, video game designer) whose lives are inexplicably intertwined, and things get weird. There’s a cast of characters including Hope Davis, Melissa McCarthy (!), Octavia Spencer (!!), and an itty bitty Elle Fanning (?). Each of those recurring actors have different roles in each parallel life, including McCarthy going meta and playing a fictionalized version of herself (real life hubby Ben Falcone even gets in on it).

If none of it is making sense, watching it doesn’t really get that much better. We see the three characters lives in succession, each leaving hints of themselves for the others, all leading up to a big reveal that’s more weird than anything else. Also, haven’t we learned by now that numerical symbology never makes sense? See also: The Number 23. Actually, don’t see. Not worth your time.

Highlight for me was that Fanning’s character mainly communicated thru ASL. I could pick up a good 75% of it. Granted, it was very basic and slow, but still, I’m proud of me.”

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