“In my typical way of figuring out logistics way earlier than I need to, last month I realized that I had no plans for my Zipcar credit in February (I prepay a certain amount each month, which then gives me a discount). My usual plan in these situations is go to see a movie at the IMAX. And I don’t mean these small LIE-MAX screens that claim to be higher quality picture and sound, but I really can’t tell the difference in anything except the higher price of my ticket. I mean the legit, full size super high def screen, that’s been recently tricked out to have 12 channel sound (including speakers in the seats and ceilings, according to the promo before the movie). Although my favorite part is that since it’s at a furniture store (yeah random), they have really nice temperpedic seats. Oh and they charge regular movie ticket prices. I digress. I looked at my schedule and figured the long weekend would be the best time to make the trek. I compared that with the movie schedule, and OMG Deadpool opens that weekend that would be perfect. I checked the schedule and yes, it’d be playing there! Tickets went on sale days later, and I got tix for Sunday, figuring it made the most sense schedule wise. Then, I realized the date. Yup, I was going to see Deadpool on V-Day by myself.

I decided to just own it. I had a date with Deadpool! No shame in that game. I got there early and got an ice cream sundae, before wandering the furniture store a bit, and eventually making my way into the theater.

Deadpool and I are a match made in some twisted alternate universe version of heaven! The combination of crude but clever humor mixed with a little bit of meta and some self deprication, really _really_ works for me. And I kinda knew that going in, from all the various publicity. My expectations were set very high, and Deadpool rose right to them with his middle finger in the air. Sure, it followed your typical superhero origin story plotline, but it didn’t feel anything like the same story we’ve seen approximately 3 times a year for the past five years. Watching Ryan Reynolds hit the publicity circuit, he is basically his character, minus the powers.

He was surrounded by some pretty cool peeps too. TJ Miller always brings the funny, and he was great to trade snarky remarks with. Oh and Morena Baccarin is fantastic. For one, she just gets points for being a Firefly alum. For two, she’s not your typical helpless ingenue. Kitty’s got claws and a bite to match her man’s. Finally a superhero(ish)’s babe that I wish I was, and not just because of said superhero. Also, bad looks good on Ed Skrein, and fits much better than The Transporter did. I think I left the movie thinking about him moreso than Ryan Reyolds.

So if you wanna get me a birthday present (I think this’ll post just a couple days before), get me some Deadpool comics to read. I have to know everything about this bloody Valentine of mine

Deadpool – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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