How to Be Single

“I know, not my typical movie, yeah? It was an internal fight to decide if I should go see this. The thought process was something like this. On initial view of trailer: Oh hey Rebel Wilson. Ugh, looks like a chick flick. Plus Dakota Johnson, nope, pass. A few weeks later: Hmm if I’m seeing Deadpool at the IMAX, then I’d need something else to double Zoolander with. Hey, Leslie Mann’s in this too. I like her. Okay, maybe, if there are no other options. And I do typically enjoy R rated comedies. Earlier that week: Wait, why didn’t anyone tell me Allison Brie was in this too? Wilson/Mann/Brie combo, yeah let’s do this.

Yeah, the movie was kinda girly and goopy (there was a _very_ loud audience “”aww”” at one particularly sappy moment towards the end), but it wasn’t as horrible about it as the genre typically is. I don’t wanna give away the ending, but let’s just say I was surprised and satisfied with it. Overall, the film had a more positive message to it than the usual drivel you see in this films. I hope that the girls that usually drool over sappy romcoms go see this and get a little bit of perspective.

That said, it still wasn’t perfect. There were A LOT of characters and storylines crammed in. Most of them felt a little half baked. Yes, many of those characters had full point A to point B arcs, but they seemed kinda abrupt with a lot of the details missing. Maybe it was juggling too many or maybe it focused too closely on the A and B stories to do justice to C-F or whatever letters.

Oh and Dakota Johnson? Turns out, homegirl is funny. She knows how to deliver a clever line, which is a relief since she’s in most of the movie. Maybe teaming up with Leslie Mann will get her on Judd Apatow’s radar, so she can work with a better comedic screenplay. Besides her, I did find some of the movie funny, but not as much as I’d like for an R rated comedy (again, think Judd Apatow). Still, the whole thing went far better than I could have expected, so that’s gonna count as a win, yeah?

How to Be Single – \m/ \m/ \m/”