Zoolander 2

“Back when the original Zoolander was released, I hestitated in seeing it for a long time. I expected it to be kinda stupid and it turned out to be kinda brilliant. This time around, I was really excited to go right away. I expected it to be kinda brilliant, and it turned out to be kinda stupid. You’d think I’d have learned how to play the expectations game by now.

We pick up 10 years after the original left off (remember there was a little bit of an afterward with a small time jump), and Zoolander has lost everything and gone to live in isolation (as a “”hermit crab””). Then someone starts killing off celebrities, each who leave a final selfie with the same expression. Once it’s identified as one of Zoolander’s looks, he and former rival turned friend Hansel, are brought in to help with the case. Derek is mostly motivated by the desire to be reunited with his lost son.

Yeah, it’s about as dumb as it sounded. True, the original really is just as vapid on the surface, but it had this balls to the wall attitude of just going with the absurd and not caring if it sticks. This time, much of the absurdity felt kinda half baked, assuming it would all land again. The nonsensical plotline, made even less sense and left larger holes. The humor making fun of the character’s somewhat effeminate high maintenance feld tired instead of progressive. The cameos that highlighted the first with surprise, felt kinda forced (except for you, Keifer Sutherland! You were fantastic!)

True, sometimes these far out sequels do hit it out of the park. But for every Jurassic World, there’s five other Terminator Genysis-es or Dumb and Dumber To-es. And sadly, when that does happen, you’re left with a film that feels more like a cash grab than a solid and plausible continuation. Even the guaranteed dose of nostalgia feels more dirty than sweet. Ah well, maybe the next super spaced out sequel will by the one to get it right (I’m looking at you, Ghostbusters!)

Zoolander 2 -\m/ \m/ \n”

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