“It’s Sunday night, on the eve of MLK day as I’m writing this. I was supposta catch a late-ish movie tonight. The Brattle, down the street in Harvard Square was showing Roar, an obscure and outrageous film with tagline “”No animals were harmed in the making of this film. Over 70 members of the cast and crew were””. Thinking about it again now, I kinda do wanna rush down there, but there’s snow outside. And it’s not worth dealing with, esp when I’d be walking back just before midnight. Nope, staying inside in the warms and adding the movie to my Best Buy wishlist instead. So with my newfound time this evening, that gives me a chance to revist a modern day classic that’s getting a sequel next month. Zoolander!

It took a while for this movie to grow on me. I originally thought it was too dumb and over the top. Now, well I’m not saying that it isn’t dumb or over the top, but there’s a crazy genius in it. It’s so ridiculous, you really can’t help but laugh at it, with it, whatever. Over time, so many quotable lines have worked their way into pop culture (I would often drop a turn left joke in my choreo rehearsals). Even watching now, there are gems I’ve totally forgotten.

I also love how this is a total family affair for Ben Stiller. Father Jerry Stiller is on board as Zoolander’s manager, and wife Christine Taylor is a reporter and eventual love interest for our favorite male model (her acting like she’s disgusted by him for half the movie is doubly hilarious given their real life relationship). Plus Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Jon Voight, Vince Vaughn, Milla Jovovich, David Duchovny, and more insane cameo appearances than I can even think of recalling here. Oh also, Alexander Skarsgard is completely unrecognizable. Yeah, before he was a bad ass vamp on True Blood, he was a dimwitted roommate to Derek Zoolander

I get so caught up in the one liners that I forget that there’s even supposta be a plot, and a very absurd one at that. Zoolander is brainwashed into being an undercover assassin set to kill the prime minister of Malaysia, whose labor and wage reforms threaten the fashion industry that exploits it. Yeah, you forgot there was a plot too, huh?

Aww, David Bowie :’-) Speaking of who/what I’ve forgotten is in this movie.

Huh, Duchovny’s explanation of why male models totally makes sense: peak physical condition, can get into any secure location, can’t think for themselves.”

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