“There’s always one. Every awards season there’s the one movie that just doesn’t quite do it for me. And I feel like some sort of ignoramus for not getting it because the whole rest of the world is raving. It appears on many year end best of lists, and earns nominations and accolades across the globe. Meanwhile, I just sit there yawning. This year, Carol was that movie for me.

Carol is based on “”The Price of Salt”” by Patricia Highsmith. I haven’t read that, but I have read all the books in her Talent Mr Ripley series as well as one off Strangers on a Train. Clearly, I didn’t expect another Mr Ripley, but I certainly had a high expectation set. Cate Blanchet and Rooney Mara star in this adaptation about two women in the 50’s who become intimately involved. See the thing for me, is I don’t typically go for romantic films, and that’s pretty much all this was. Sure, I loved Brooklyn, another awards season favorite this year that is billed as a romance, but there was so much more going on there. Carol strictly revolved around the relationship.

Now I get that one of the biggest reasons this is getting praised is that the subject is treated like any other romance, without making special concessions for the same sex nature of it. Yes, there’s obstacles because of how taboo this was back then, but they’re not differentiated for it with some big drama. And I do appreciate the normalcy of that, but then we’re just left with a genre that I’ve never particularly cared for.

Our leading ladies are both getting heaps of praise and talk of awards. Personally, I’ve got other picks I’d place higher for best actress (oh we’ll get there in my future Oscar thoughts post after nominees are out). There’s also the debate of is Mara co-lead or support. She’s very much a lead, maybe even more so than Blanchett. Blanchett has more action around her, but the emotional journey seems to be more on Mara’s side. Much more is seen thru her eyes.

Bringing it all back together, many people are heralding how beautiful and moving this film is. I don’t disagree, it’s just not my thing.

Carol – \m/ \m/ \n”