“Greetings from Texas, y’all. I’ve been exiled here for the holidays. God help me. Although, there is one slight advantage to my hometown (well two if you count the food). For some reason, the gods deemed this town worthy of hosting an Alamo Drafthouse movie theater. First chance I had to escape, I ran over there. The busy weekend had kept me from being able to see Sisters, although I would have just as happily gone to a repeat viewing of Star Wars. I got there kinda late, so I didn’t really get to take advantage of the full service food and drink offerings, but that just means I’ll hafta go back later. Contemplating a Christmas trip with Mom. Anyways…

I do very much love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, exponentially so when they’re together. This time, they’re playing sisters who decide to throw one last big wild party in their parents home. One sister is very conservative, the other very wild. Care to guess which is which? You probably got it backwards. In a bold and smart move, the two decided to play against type, reversing their Baby Mama roles, letting Fey go wild and Poehler rein it in. As someone who has watched these two ladies play off each other for a long time, it was a very welcome change. Bad looked especially good on Ms Fey. I don’t think I’ve seen her look like she’s having so much fun. That alone was worth the price of admission.

There wasn’t a whole lot going on with the plot, but that mostly didn’t matter. It really was about cutting these ladies loose and letting them have some fun together. It wasn’t as hard of an R rating as I generally like, and not every joke landed, but enough of it worked to be thoroughly enjoyable. And of course, they brought in a bunch of their friends, many of them SNL alumns. Again, not everything was an instant slam dunk, but everyone clearly had a blast with what they were doing. And I had a blast watching. Or maybe it was just the taste of freedom that I had for those two precious hours…

Sisters – \m/ \m/ \m/ \m/”

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