A Christmas Story

“Similar to a few weeks back with Back to the Future Part II, I organized a movie night at work the other day. We’d had much success with last year’s holiday screening of Home Alone, the best part of which was a colleague bringing his five-ish year old daughter who found every second hilarious. By supposed request (requests were conveyed to a partner in crime), for this year, we went with A Christmas Story. Attendance may have been on the low side, but besides myself, no one who was there had seen this before. And they all rather enjoyed it. So I call that a win. Especially when it meant large amounts of pizza for a small amount of people!

So if you’ve never turned to TNT on Christmas Day (or is it TBS?) and caught the 24 hour marathon of A Christmas Story, it tells the um story of young Ralphie, a boy in the 1940’s whose only wish for Christmas is a red rider carbine action bb gun. He goes thru every possible avenue he can think of to get his prize toy, begging his parents, Santa, and countless other adults, who all discourage him with the phrase “”you’ll shoot your eye out””. Along the way, there’s various other shenanigans amongst his family and friends. There’s the schoolmate who is triple dog dared to stick his tongue to an icy pole, the “”fra-jill-ay”” major award his father wins, the unfortunate Christmas present that is most certainly not his beloved gun, and countless other moments that I’m sure have at least a hint of familiarity for you.

I’ll still pick Die Hard, Elf, or Muppets Christmas Carol as my go-to Christmas movies every year, but A Christmas Story is absolutely worth watching if you never have before. And then watching again some time later to rediscover all those gems of small scenes. You’d be hard pressed to find another movie that has so many classic and memorable vignettes and images that have invaded our pop culture”

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