“Part two of my Thanksgiving pre-NYC homework!

I adore Stephen King. He’s probably my fave author after Chuck Palahniuk, and I’ve read countless books of his, typically trying to hit at least one a year. So of course I read Misery. Pretty sure I read it before seeing the movie, because I remember the movie feeling a little bland on first watch.

This time, not so bland. Helps that I had a good several years between this and the last time I saw it, so this was really a refresher on the story. Well, outside the basics of the story: popular author is rescued from snowy car crash by his self proclaimed number one fan, who holds him captive until he writes a book for her. Insubordination is met with punishment.

What’s amazing about the movie is the cast: Kathy Bates (in one of the few Oscar winning horror roles in history) and James Caan. Bates turns on a dime between the shy and demure homebody and the frightening captor. I don’t typically think of this as horror since it’s not really scary, but the tone is definitely right for the genre. I guess it’s scary in a put-yourself-in-this-position sort of way. Still, a must-see-at-least-once-in-your-life for that cast.

So what was it like on stage? Honestly, having read the novel and seen the movie, I don’t think the stage version added a whole lot, at least not on the page. Two things that were notably cool about it: audience reactions and Bruce Willis!! opposite Laurie Metcalf. Clearly, I was more excited about one than the other. But no really, hearing the loud gasps and feeling the aura of suspense in the air was pretty cool. And now I’ve got another shiny signed Playbill for the wall.”

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